Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer can leave a lasting effect on your appearance.  At Hilton Head Plastic Surgery, we provide a range of options to improve the appearance of the treatment area significantly.

Types of Skin Cancer

Melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, & basal cell carcinoma are the main types of skin cancer.

  • Basal cell carcinoma is found in areas of the skin frequently exposed to the sun.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma can develop almost anywhere on the body but often found on areas exposed to UV radiation, including the lips, face, ears, scalp, shoulders, back of hands, forearms, and neck.
  • Melanoma first appears as a skin growth or a rapid change to an existing mole. It can occur anywhere on the body.


Hilton Head Plastic Surgery works with your skin cancer doctor as part of your care team during the removal and treatment process.

Dr. Reid uses frozen section.  Frozen section is a surgical method that involves freezing the cancerous lesion after it has been removed and then microscopically examined by a pathologist before closure to ensure the cancer is gone. Dr. Reid surgically removes tumors and other skin lesions to preserve your health and your appearance.


During your recovery, incision sites may be sore, red, or drain small amounts of fluid.

It is essential to follow all of the incision care instructions, such as cleaning and applying any topical medications.

Recovery is personalized for the individual. Healing will continue for weeks or months post-surgical procedure.  It can take a year or more following the procedure to refine and fade to some degree.  Under certain circumstances, a secondary procedure may be required.

How To Schedule Your Skin Cancer Surgery?

Click the button below, fill out an appointment request form or call us at (843) 681-4088. Before we can schedule a consultation, Dr. Reid’s staff will ask you a few questions to ensure that you’d be a good candidate for surgery.


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